When talking doesn't Work, Experience The Core Healing Initiative!

I recognize your uniqueness and in order to assist you, I have developed a masterful system, The Core Healing Initiative that uses integrated energy psychology approaches. These methods, along with my experience and intuition are more efficient and effective than traditional approaches.

You will feel better, have greater insight, have resolutions and relief from the issue in whole or part after the first session. Your Transformational Initiative first experience may include:

Each modality is adaptable and has unlimited potential to assist you with any life struggle you may have. I do not fit you into a practice or strategy, I recreate the strategy for your uniqueness. Whether it is an unknown, a childhood or inherited trauma.

My goal is to provide a comprehensive, individualized approach. I am often complimented for my easy-going style of engaging clients in the process. Clients report feeling nervous when they arrive and immediately feel at ease. Some clients report feeling better after the 15-minute complimentary call I offer.

I believe it is for these reasons:

1. I have confronted many difficult personal issues, pains, and struggles.

2. I have no judgment or criticism of your life due to my understanding of how life evolves for us.

3. I create a safe place for you to do the work that is important for your betterment. 

4. I am very customer service oriented. 

Beyond talk therapy and through my astute observational skills, intuition, and training we expand the conflict to view it through a variety of lenses, which can include a possible inherited quality, a current or early life trigger or trauma, or the employment of mind-body based strategies guaranteed to improve wellbeing.

The symptoms you experience are bothersome enough for you to initiate a search for services to get the relief you want. Following a traditional medical model, you might imagine that the work is to reduce the symptoms head on. In part, this is correct, however, 

Why Symptom Reduction Does Not Always Help

Within the problem exists a subconsciously driven experience that set itself through the years. The core issue was protected and oft time reinforced and supported by the people around you.

Many current life struggles are the result of 
unresolved inherited or early life trauma. 

The symptoms are a call for resolution of the underlying conflict, which has manifested as a symptom as a call for resolution. Here are examples of underlying issues: 

  • Being adopted
  • Early Mother-Infant separation for any reason
  • Medical trauma
  • Inherited stress, failures, trauma
  • Childhood stress, such as any kind of abuses
  • Parents who were traumatized
  • Tragic deaths in the family or a generation or two back

Again your life is unique and the situations are unlimited in scope and also how they have impacted your life the life of other family members where your life was shaped.

NOTE: Do not be concerned about being retraumatized or needing to cry. I do not require emotional upheaval for life events to resolve. It is a naturally unfolding process. Nor do I need to have you tell me the story over and over again. 

Eighty-eight percent of my clients have been to therapy. Have you?

Together we explore hidden aspects that exist within the experience of the symptoms that point us in the direction of healing potential. The package of symptoms of the experience may include -

  • Hidden language
  • Mental movies and imagery you create
  • Beliefs and thoughts you have
  • Life philosophies and fears
  • Current life and ancestral patterns and trauma
  • Body sensations and pain
  • Memories that are associated
  • Mental and physical habits 
  • Lifestyle habits

You have the problem AND the solution. I facilitate the revelation.

Unresolved conflict and trauma from your younger years or the family lineage may influence and carry over into your current life. Similar Issues, symptoms, and repeat traumas - even when the event, such as financial ruin or criminal behavior, occurred many years before. 

It is likely that you will not make the connection because the pattern is familiar and programmed into the subconscious mind. Your inability to realize the impact of inherited trauma symptoms can render you impervious to the mainstream, traditional approaches of therapy because they go unrecognized.

Although all of this work is a dive into the subconscious mind your experience may be with eyes open, setting up the energetic family, dialoguing with subpersonalities, moving in silence or tapping on pressure points.

My approach does not routinely apply the “lie back and close your eyes” hypnosis method, nor do I use prerecorded electronic programming. Our work is face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and personal.

Life-Changing Energy Therapies is the right choice for you,
in seeking a resolution for any life struggle.  


If you experience a personal crisis, I will refer you to the emergency room, a mental health hotline or phone the proper authorities. Pittsburgh area crisis phone numbers are as follows:  

  • Resolve Crisis Network (1-888-7-YOUCAN) 
  • Allegheny County Peer Support Warmline Network (1-866-661-WARM)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK). 
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